Level II Requirements

To earn the BOC Level II credential (Level II Training Certificate of Completion), operators must attend the course classes, earn a passing score on the tests, and successfully complete the project workbook assignments. This FAQ describes what you’ll need to complete the project assignments. Please read it carefully and contact the BOC Help Desk if you have any questions.

Where and when are the Level II project assignments completed?

As with Level I, the project assignments are assigned in class by the instructor as “homework” to be completed at your facility between the scheduled class dates. Generally, you will have 3 to 4 weeks to complete each project assignment.

What are the Level II project assignments?

There are five project assignments in total. The coursework will prepare you to successfully complete each of the assignments. The assignments require you to develop the following:

  • An energy consumption profile for your building.
  • A building scoping interview questionnaire and a building operations map for your building.
  • A sequence of operation for an air handler in your building, a functional test procedure, and maintenance checklist.
  • An operation and maintenance checklist for systems in your building.
  • A written scoping report for your building.

What will you need to complete the assignments?

You will need information about your building’s general characteristics such as square footage and operating hours, HVAC equipment, lighting, and controls systems. It is your responsibility to obtain this information from sources within your company or organization. You will also need computer access to a free, online tool called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to complete the energy consumption profile for your building. The following information is required:

  • Twelve (12) months of utility consumption data for the building. This includes data for all fuels used in the building (e.g., electricity, natural gas, steam, etc.) and access to 12 months of utility bills for all meters in the building.
  • General information about building occupancy schedules, lighting system equipment and controls, and miscellaneous office equipment.
  • Descriptive information about plant equipment (e.g., chillers, boilers, cooling towers), air systems (e.g., air handlers, package units, terminal units), domestic hot water systems, and pumps in the building. Descriptive information includes the number of units, size, motor HP, control system and operating hours.
  • Descriptive information for one air handler of your selection in the building. Information you will need includes the system type, area served, weekly operating hours, and cooling and heating set points for the air handler.

Where can I find this information?

If you don’t have direct access to the building information for the project assignments, you will need to find resource people within your company or organization to help you. Good places to start are with your supervisor, the director of facilities or engineering, the business office or your utility account representative (for utility bill information), lead personnel and contractors for HVAC, electrical and control systems.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the Level II project assignments?

Please call or email the BOC Help Desk.