To maintain your BOC credential, graduates must accumulate maintenance points each year following a full calendar year after earning their credential. Five (5) points per year are required for the Level I TCOC or BOC certification, and 10 points per year for the Level II TCOC. You can use our Maintenance Point Tracking Form (PDF) to record your activity and points earned during the year.

Points may be earned as follows:

I. Employment
A. Continued employment in building operations Earn 2 points for continued employment during the year prior to renewal. Provide an overview of primary job responsibilities.
II. Continuing Education:
A. Attend and complete continuing education/training in building management, operation & maintenance, or energy management topics. 1 point per hour of classroom time List event name, school or organization, date, training summary and hours of attendance.
B. Complete and submit a quiz from the BOC newsletter. 1 point/passed quiz Provide article name.
C. Completion of special projects to improve facility operation, maintenance, and/or energy efficiency in your company or organization; or awards received for resource efficient building operations. Earn 1 point for each hour of project time for a maximum of 11 points. Brief written summary of special projects completed and/or proof of receipt of relevant awards. Submit the information using the Project Description form.
D. Completion of an energy consumption benchmark for the previous 12 month period using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or alternative energy accounting tool. Earn 3 points for each benchmark. Copy of benchmark documentation (e.g., Statement of Energy Performance from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager).
E. Attend an industry trade show or conference. Earn 1 point. Copy of the event registration form.
F. Enroll in a BOC web-based technical webinar. Earn 1.5 points after successfully completing the webinar and taking the quiz. Provide webinar name and date.
III. Professional Involvement:
A. Membership in facility or trades organization. Earn 1 point for membership held during the year prior to renewal. List association name, date of subscription or renewal.
B. Holding a leadership position with a facility or trades organization. Earn 2 points for each office held during the year prior to renewal. Summarize activities.
C. Awards received involving resource efficient operations. Earn 2 points for each award earned. Summarize award information.

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